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****Just released: “Mark Prent, A Catalog”  by Sue Real and Mark Prent.****

This 130 page, high quality soft-cover book from Pinkeye Press (2015) features 170 full-color and nine black-and white images. It is available now from Pink House Studios Inc, (802) 524-7191.  11″ X 9.5″  Pinkeye Press ($35.00)

Vanishing Point (2005) *Limited Edition*

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33cm X 53.5cm X 48.3cm

This sculpture is one of a limited and numbered edition of six.  Each example of the edition is hand-colored through a technique involving the application of multiple layers of colored silicone. Since each is hand-made, there are slight variations of the coloring in each casting; but the overall look and effect is consistent throughout the edition. The frame is also cast, and colored in the casting process.   Inquiries: (802) 524-7191

Directed by Jesse Prent & Mark Prent
Apart from producing sculptures for exhibit, Mark is also creating
sculptures specifically for use in his performance work. These
performances are, for the most part, one-time events which are
recorded as video or film vignettes. Often, the performances are too
elaborate to be repeated or performed anywhere other than on the
Prent family premises. For example, they may take place entirely
underwater or involve the partial destruction or change of the
sculptural figures during the performance. These performance pieces
represent a new collaborative relationship with his son Jesse Prent,
who is a filmmaker. Some of these performances are as disturbing as
Mark’s early sculptural work.
Three of these collaborative performances are now collected on a
fifteen-minute DVD.
Copies of this DVD are available for $20 U.S.
“Child’s Toy”  Poster  1973

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A single production run of  just 1,000 examples were made in the
1970’s.  When initially offered for sale, the posters were neither
signed nor numbered.  The remaining examples of the 1,000 example run
are now numbered and signed.

These posters have been in careful storage for about thirty years
now, and Mark has only now brought them out of storage.  They are in
perfect condition.

The original sculpture, “Child’s Toy”  which belongs to a private
collector in Europe , was a Mark Prent “doll”, with functioning sleep
eyes and voice-box.  A plastic pull-ring at the anus activates the
“voice” of the doll.  It repeats one of about ten different things
like, “Mommy, kiss me goodnight,”  “I’m sleepy,”   or ” I want
another drink of water.” 20-inches X 24-inches.  Heavy, semi- gloss, paper stock. 

$35. U.S.  each
“Thawing Out”    

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This is the only fine art photo-silkscreen print
that has been done of  a Mark Prent sculpture.  It is a master-
quality print, made in 1974 at Open Studio, Toronto , under the
direction of Richard Sewell.  The illusion of a high-gloss enamel
refrigerator finish was achieved by screening multiple layers onto
the screened photo-image of the refrigerator box.  Half-tone-screened
Mylar was die-cut and laminated to the “fridge” to represent the
hardware.  Only 100 examples were printed in the very limited
edition.  The remaining fifteen examples in Mark Pren’ts posession
have been in storage since the ’70’s and are in excellent,
unexhibited condition.
Price (unframed): $650 U.S.
30-minute color documentary, directed by
Brian MckNeil; Montreal, Canada

This documentary provides a retrospective view of a wide range of Mark
Prent’s early works, coupled with recorded  interviews
about the work with Prent himself, sculptor Ed Kienholz, art dealer Av
Isaacs, and a number of art critics and museum directors from the late
20th century.

$25.00 U.S.
If Brains Were Dynamite,
You Woudn’t Have Enough To Blow Your Nose 1976 DVD
30-minute color documentary  directed by Tom Burstyn,
Briston Productions and St. Cloud Films, Montreal Canada.

The earliest documentary on Mark Prent, this film follows the
development of his sculpture of the same name from the body mold,
through studio work, to the finished piece.
It features a number of interviews with the artist and his
contemporaries, with more of a focus on the early controversy
surrounding his work

$25.00 U.S.
If Brains Were Dynamite,
You Woudn’t Have Enough To Blow Your Nose 1976 
$25.00 U.S.