Mark Prent, HR Giger Curated by Harmony Korine Gagosian Gallery Park & 75

Opening on November 5, 2019 and continuing through December 21, 2019 Gagosian Gallery Park & 75 presents a two person show, curated by artist and filmmaker Harmony Korine, featuring the work of HR Giger and Mark Prent.


Interview Magazine: https://www.interviewmagazine.com/art/harmony-korine-h-r-giger-mark-prent-birth-machine-baby-gagosian

Artnews 10/24/19

Mark Prent at Mitchell Algus Gallery, NYC


Mark Prent: A Catalog by Sue Real and Mark Prent

Pinkeye Press has just released a 130-page high-quality softbound book on the work of Mark Prent, featuring 170 full color and nine black-and-white images of the artist’s work from 1970 to 2015.  It is available now from Pink House Studios (802-524-7191) for $32. U.S.

New images added to the Gallery

You will notice that there are many new images in the gallery, both of old and new pieces.  We even updated the images on this page of “The Garden,” which is now complete.

Meanwhile, many more new pieces are in progress in Mark’s studio; so visit the site again soon!

Finally, a new website.

It’s been a long time coming, but today we’re finally making the updated website live.

We operate a working studio here at the big Pink House; so website maintenance is at the bottom of our to-do list.  Still, we think you’ll like the improvements that have been made.  I can’t promise regular updates, but should be dropping things in from time to time.

Look for a whole new range of original jewelry designs coming up soon in that gallery.

Work on a new sculpture called “The Garden”

What’s happening in the studio?   At work on “The Garden;” a major undertaking.  The dimensions for the piece are 6.5 ft (78″) high X 40″ wide X 13″ deep.

[Show as slideshow] garden-detail-0 garden-detail-1 garden-detail-2 garden-detail-3 garden-detail-4 garden-detail-5

New photos from the sculpture in progress

Sorry for the lack of updates; things have been busy around here. For now, enjoy some new photos from the sculpture “The Garden.”

[Show as slideshow] head-on-flaxhackle1 head-on-flaxhackle2 mg_4519 mg_4522 mg_4524 mg_4528 mg_4532 mg_4533 mg_4541 mg_4550 mg_4551 mg_4556 mg_4558 mg_4565 mg_4570 mg_4576 mg_4585 mg_4589 mg_4591 mg_4596 mg_4599 mg_4602 mg_4606 mg_4607 mg_4611 skeleton-molds mg_5016 mg_50162 mg_5025 mg_5029 mg_5035

Mark Prent’s Jewelry has been added to the multimedia section.

Mark Prent’s Jewelry has been added to the multimedia section.

“The Last Supper” is on exhibit at L’USINE 106U

Mark Prent’s latest sculpture, “The Last Supper“, is on exhibit for the entire month of July at L’USINE 106U in Montreal, Quebec. The address and hours of the gallery can be found in the earlier post.

New sculpture titled “The Last Supper” finished

Mark has just finished a brand new sculpture titled “The Last Supper.” Check out the Studio section of the website to see pictures of it at every stage, right up to the final product!